Walking the Trail May 1, 2012  |  By Admin

As Jackson Hole emerges from its winter cocoon, so do I, and this past month I’ve been walking our new Sculpture Trail. After twelve years working at the Museum, I finally have a quality experience for these brief forays outside. What my “daily constitution” used to mean was getting in my car and driving north to the Kelly cutoff (45 minutes, including drive time) or driving to the Elk Refuge (75 minutes, including drive time and busy summer traffic), or walking the hot, asphalt parking lots outside the Museum, (30 minutes, no drive time). While the last option offered a refreshing exchange of oxygen, its main attraction was convenience.

My new perambulation on the trail is all good. Donning old sneakers stuffed under my desk, I head outside the Museum’s security entrance, walk down the main road, take the stairs up to the Café terrace, head over the bridge to the north trail, double back past the amphitheater, link with the south trail stairs, head down to check out the site of the Richard Loffler bison installation (coming in September!) and head back up to the Museum.

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