Planning a Sculpture Installation June 19, 2012  |  By Admin

This is one of my favorite pictures taken on the Sculpture Trail.  It shows our Assistant Curator of Art, Bronwyn Minton and our 2011 Obering Curatorial Intern, Colleen FitzGerald, holding up giant cardboard eagle wings. The image really shows what’s involved in planning a sculpture installation. A lot more thought goes into it than just finding a gorgeous sculpture and plopping it on any available sculpture pad. We need to understand dimensions, how the work will look in relation to the environment, how will we interpret it, and yes you can determine a lot of this by holding up a couple of giant pieces of cardboard roughly resembling an huge eagle’s wingspan. This picture was taken almost a year ago and now  the site is home of Sandy Scott’s monumental sculpture, Presidential Eagle.

Image Credit: Sandy Scott (United States, b. 1943), Presidential Eagle, 2012. Bronze. 98 x 130 x 84 inches. Gift of Joy and Tony Greene, National Museum of Wildlife Art.

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