START Bus to the Museum June 5, 2012  |  By Admin

Meet Bus Driver John.  He drives the new “north route” START Bus from Jackson to the Museum.  He, along with his cohort Bill, drives the route seven days per week, ten times a day.

I am hugely grateful to START Bus for offering this new route.  Not only is it convenient and “green,” it’s FREE.  For years, getting to the Museum has meant an expensive taxi-ride, riding on the highway shoulder with rv’s roaring by, bumming a ride, or driving.

My current favorite, in honor of “National Bike Month,” is riding my bike from home, locking it at the Deloney parking lot, and taking the bus the rest of the way.  I can certainly ride my bike the short distance of 2.5 miles, but I must say, I’d miss seeing John and Bill.

Next time you visit the Museum, take the bus.

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