Black Bear Gala July 19, 2012  |  By Admin

After months of planning our 25th anniversary, it’s hard to believe that our commemorative event on July 28, the Black Bear Gala, is nearly upon us. Since this event is only offered every fifth year, it remains unique. We want to keep things fresh, but not throw the proverbial baby out with the proverbial water.

What worked in 2007 was dining in the galleries surrounded by our world-class collection; enjoying incredible food by Chef Tom Henninger and the Rising Sage Café; and dancing in Johnston Hall to the Drifters, a throw-back to the shining 60’s era.

All of that is happening this year, but with some twists. We’ll be dining with our art again, but accompanied by chamber music by Snake River Strings. Food and fare will be prepared by Chef Tom, but led by Chef Burns McLeod, who has taken over the helm of the Café. We’ll be dancing again, but first to jazz with Pam Phillips, and then with tunes offered by DJ’s Vert-One, Spartan, and Friends.

I like these twists and turns. Hope to see you there.

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