Chalk Art July 10, 2012  |  By Admin

I’m always happy to spend time on the Museum’s new Sculpture Trail. For the last Mix’d Media event, we used stencil drawings of eagles to guide visitors to Sandy Scott’s piece Presidential Eagle at the southern end of the Sculpture Trail.

The day before the event, I spent the morning exploring the chalk and stencil options. Once we chose the eagle stencil, I traced copies of it along the trail, drawing all the way from the parking lot along a 1/4 mile section of the Trail. While I was out drawing the eagles, a Museum visitor asked me if I had to redraw them every time it rained. I won’t be redrawing the eagles anytime soon, but I will be out there with a new stencil and a new path before the next Mix’d Media event on July 12.

I look forward to seeing my friends at the next Mix’d Media, with plein air painting, bluegrass music and the unveiling of Isis by British Artist Simon Gudgeon.

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