Not Only an Intern… August 23, 2012  |  By Admin

This summer, I represented the Museum not only as intern, but also as Carl, the adorable chipmunk hero in the Museum’s themed children’s books by Lynn Friess. Not considering the consequences of wearing a heavily insulated full-body costume in the summer sun, I was eager to portray Carl at various events.

In the midst of the sauna-like discomfort of my first Carl event, a tiny hand grabbed my furry paw. I looked down to see a small child, her face lit up as if this over-sized chipmunk was the best thing she had ever seen. I gave her a hug, and she excitedly petted my gigantic chipmunk ears and nose, giggling uncontrollably. The rest of my morning was spent in a state of overheated joy. I had served Carl well, providing a moment of delight and, hopefully, a lifelong memory for one young museum-goer. The slight physical discomfort seemed insignificant in comparison.

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