Outdoor Amphitheater: Fabulous For Programs August 30, 2012  |  By Admin

The new Sculpture Trail at the Museum has seen everything from art making and live music, to yoga, sculpture unveilings, and Greek theater this summer. The outdoor amphitheater has proved fabulous for programs. “The Frogs,” as directed by Macey Mott, is a classic Greek comedy that follows Dionysus and his trusty servant, Xanthias, as they travel to the underworld in search of the world’s greatest playwright. Curious adventures and crazy contests punctuate the comedy, including a run-in with a chorus of frogs on the River Styx. The play is staged in the traditional Greek style with original masks by Evie Lewis, and costumes by Macey Mott and Christina Croxell. Fabulous light effects are courtesy of the setting sun!

Join us Friday Sept. 7th at 6:30pm for the final performance of the summer. Picnic dinner sales begin 30 minutes prior to the performance. Those who ride their bicycles or walk to the show receive a discount on the picnic dinners.

For more information, contact or 307-203-9067.

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