A Deeper Meaning to Wildlife Art September 27, 2012  |  By Admin

One of my favorite ideas presented by our curators is the idea of artists employing “anthropomorphism” in their work. Anthropomorphism means to “attribute human motivation, characteristics or behavior to animals.” After being introduced to this idea, it adds deeper meaning to any wildlife art that you view.

One obvious example is the statue, Wounded Comrade. The elephant’s struggle instantly places a person in its position. What if you were the one helping a friend or the one depending on help? The idea of animals taking on human actions and emotion connects their non-verbal world to ours.

I feel that some artists direct purpose is to make viewers question these emotions within themselves. Equally important, they remind us that animals, too, are capable of experiencing a vast spectrum of feelings. If we can sympathize, laugh, or question an animal’s motivation within the art, we can realize it in living subjects as well.

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