Are You On Your Way Here Yet? September 11, 2012  |  By Admin

I am an inveterate “stick person” artist. I bet for those of you who resemble this remark (you know who you are) that you may be hopelessly infatuated with the real goods, as I am. You know the real goods – gorgeous impressionistic shapes that bloom color from the canvas or detailed scenes, so artfully captured that you might step into them. We are awash in the real goods at the Museum. And it’s that glorious time of year when original artworks grace the galleries in preparation for Western Visions Show & Sale.

Artists create new works for the Museum – pieces that have not been revealed before. I tend toward the sketches and field studies. There is something incredibly fresh about this kind of art. I mentally purchase many of the artworks with my virtual wallet. Are you on your way here yet?

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