Nature Restores September 6, 2012  |  By Admin

One of the things I like most about working at a place that focuses on wildlife is that it reminds me to go there myself.  Recently my family was visiting from “back east” and that provided the impetus to enjoy the always-incredible Grand Teton National Park.  Why I need visiting family to get me out there is another story…but it could have something to do with my busy job, two growing children, etc. and so on.

When I do manage to haul myself northward to the park, I marvel at its beauty.  The impressive Teton peaks, towering above me as I hike, never disappoint.  I enjoy their moodiness; some days gray and massive set against a stark blue sky; others cloud-hidden and mysterious, revealing a spire or two in the changing mist.

As we head into mid-September and our annual Western Visions show, my hikes in the park have prepared me for several hectic and fun-filled days.  It’s my hope that the many folks who attend the show take time to “go northward” as well.

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