Northern Spotted Owl by Michael Nichols. October 30, 2012  |  By Admin

I think of redwoods. I can still smell the damp earth and dense matting of needles underneath the trees, a pervasive memory from my childhood spent near these California giants. They are my West. I think of cowboys too, in that ridiculously girlish fashion even though I live in Wyoming now. The writer in me often visualizes in words. Quintessentially West are the words vast open space, sagebrush, two-lane highways, craggy mountain peaks, wild animals, oceans of stars.

What do you conjure when you think of the West? It’s so much more than each of us idealizes, this Western motif.  Come see what we have gathered at the Museum for you. Three galleries of images from National Geographic’s archives represent this place, and tell a narrative that is stunning, and sometimes disquieting. It’s a cornucopia of visuals, a buffet for the eyes.

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