Inspiration and Connection November 20, 2012  |  By Admin

We love to share stories of inspiration and connection to our collection. Artist, Albin Viselka recently visited our galleries and briefly met with Jane Lavino and myself. He agreed to write about his relationship to the Museum. Enjoy!

Ten years ago I had an experience at the Museum that changed my life. I was studying pre-architecture at BYU-Idaho, taking some art classes on the side. Newly married and wanting a reliable career to support my family I put my desire to be a full time artist aside. In one of my art classes we took a trip to the Museum. What I saw blew me away! It was the large collection of Carl Rungius’ work that changed my life. The powerful grace, the intricate boldness and the raw sophistication with which he used his tools, subjects, and compositions floored me. His work made me wonder if I could have created such great work, had I made the commitment.

I went to my wife and friends to share my epiphany and received valuable council and encouragement. I changed my major to art and as a result now paint for a living. I don’t pretend to know where I would be without the Museum, preserving and showcasing its collection of Rungius’ work, but I’m sure things would be different. Thank you National Museum of Wildlife Art for changing my life!

Image Credit: © Albin Viselka, Violin Lesson, oil, 48 x 24 inches.

Thank you Albin, you are always welcome at the National Museum of Wildlife Art!

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