Views of Wildlife March 21, 2013  |  By Admin

As I drove toward the Museum’s parking lot this morning, I came upon a herd of grazing deer. Usually I miss these views of wildlife, although it abounds on our butte. Like many, my approach to work is harried.  I’m anxious to arrive, say hello, and immediately log onto email and social media.

This frenetic emotion prevents me, literally, from seeing the forest for the trees. In my haste, I miss the lovely view of the Elk Refuge to my right, with its five-thousand-or-so elk and swooping bald eagles, let alone Sleeping Indian on the horizon. Occasionally I’ll look LEFT and UP to see our monumental Richard Loffler sculpture, but even that gets missed most days.

This morning, however, was different. Perhaps due to an early morning jog—my new thing, adding a little jogging to my walking—I was relaxed. I SLOWLY drove up our hill and was rewarded with a view of these deer. I stopped (easy to do since I wasn’t going 50mph) and stared. For a few seconds, the deer and I were eye-to-eye. I marveled at their beauty, at their sheer pretty-ness (sorry, bucks, but I’m sayin’ it, you’re pretty). It was only a moment before they bolted, but it was lasting.

As I sit at my desk, hammering away on my keyboard, I bask in this special presence. Wildlife. It inspires. It matters. I am lucky.

Image Credit: Robert LougheedDeer on a March Trail, n.d. JKM Collection©, National Museum of Wildlife Art. © Estate of Robert Lougheed.

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