No place like home… April 23, 2013  |  By Admin

I just got back after a few weeks traveling to LA and Las Vegas and while I’m always glad for a respite from the Wyoming spring—a healthy mix of snow, sleet, and rain—it’s not the change in weather that allures.

It’s the change in culture. I was raised near Boston, Massachusetts and spent my first 29 years enjoying its hallowed halls of music, art, and history. So when I visit large metropolitan areas, I make time to visit these important places.

In LA we visited LA County Museum of Art (incredible, check out the big rock!), Disneyland (fun but renamed DisneyWAIT by my kids), Hollywood’s Chinese Theater and Walk of Fame (sort of hum drum, lots of street vendors), and Joshua Tree National Park (loved it, especially when accompanied by U2’s album by the same name, special edition provided by good friend James Mathieu).

In Las Vegas we were stunned by the incredulous Bellagio lights and Broadway-like décor in the resort lobby. Large rabbits, over-sized mushrooms and daisies; even a live-butterfly garden; all of this kept our eyes fluttering. The dripping chocolate (from the ceiling) in the Jean Phillipe store was an exhibit unto itself.

Upon returning home (and there is truly no place like home when that place is Jackson Hole), I collapsed with relief. All that fabulous culture exacts its own pound of flesh. Nutty drivers, poor air, dirty streets, everyone in a tremendous hurry. In Jackson Hole we are enjoy our own incredible array of culture, but are supported by inspiring scenery, fresh air, and engaged community.

Yeah Jackson Hole! No place like home.

Image Credit: Jim Wilcox, Trumpeter’s Holiday, 2001. JKM Collection©, National Museum of Wildlife Art. © Jim Wilcox.

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