Yoga on the Trail July 12, 2013  |  By Admin

“The conjunction of effort, concentration and balance in asana forces us to live intensely in the present moment, a rare experience in modern life.”

– BKS Iyengar; Light on the Yoga Sutras

This idea has deeply resonated with me in the past few months and has been integrated in my classes as well as my practice. How wonderfully true it is! Yes, we have all had classes where our minds wander more than we’d like. That is only our nature. Hopefully we have all experienced a class where we are so engaged, so present, that we truly feel the bliss of the asana, rooted in the present moment. That is yoga!

Life does move fast, that fact is beyond our power; to have the ability to be present in the moment can be difficult. As a yogi, I try to bring much of my practice into my daily life. It is ever so helpful to my whole attitude. Taking some time to set myself up, remembering to breathe, letting go of that which does not serve: all these mantras we hear so frequently in class work perfectly outside of the studio as well. Living completely in the present is one that challenges us all.

But, above all, on the mat, the present moment is clearly the most important.  With all focus on breath and alignment, we can achieve harmony in our practice. Finding that harmony is not always easy, getting to our mats is not always easy, but, no one ever leaves a yoga class regretting they went.

So today, this week, this summer, take a moment to cultivate your practice. There is no better way than free yoga!  Come to yoga on the trail at the Museum. Amongst the sculptures, we can practice together, enjoy the view, pause, and appreciate the present moment.

Shoshana Kobrin

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