“Going Wild with Mark Eberhard” September 26, 2013  |  By Admin

“I feel the paintings are already out there in the universe. I have simply been given ability to see them.” –Mark Eberhard

Mark Eberhard provided an excellent art workshop during our Western Visions Show and Sale event. His approach and process is fascinating. Within the first hour, he glided through an impressive number of steps. He photographed a live owl (visiting from the Raptor Center), imported the digital bird into Quark (a graphic design program), manipulated its scale, and added color to the background. The result: a dynamic, bold composition featuring an owl. Eberhard’s ability to balance natural elements with abstract shapes and color fields is pure magic. Years of experience in graphic design allow him to make quick, intuitive decisions that leave us wondering, “How did he do that?” His final step in the process involves translating the digital “sketch” into a painting.

Jane Lavino, Sugden Family Curator of Education & Exhibits

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