Herman the Ermine November 5, 2013  |  By Admin

On a Friday morning this Fall I was working at the National Museum of Wildlife Art a little earlier than normal. I wandered through the lobby to begin setting up for the morning.

I glanced through the huge picture window, in Johnston Hall, to see if the flowers in the planter boxes needed nourishment.

There “Herman (or Hermione) the Ermine” appeared from behind one of the flower boxes and played in front of the window, seemingly only for me, for several minutes. The Ermine (actually called a weasel in this stage of the year), waited for me to figure out where my phone was so that I could capture a pose.

This is the shot where Herman was in a perfect pose, enabling me to admire his light chest and the black tip of his tail.  Herman will soon turn completely white, with only a black tip on his tail.  It will be more difficult to spy him (or her) this winter, but I will be looking out the window for this chameleon-like furry friend.

Wendy Merrick, Events Manager

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