What an Artist Sees December 19, 2013  |  By Admin

Laney, whose paintings are currently featured in our exhibit Darwin’s Legacy:The Evolution of Wildlife Art began her career as a scientific illustrator. I recently asked her to qualitatively compare the artist’s eye to the camera’s lens as a tool for recording observations of the natural world. She gave a great answer:

“Artwork can make a composite of many aspects of wildlife, whereas a photograph is limited to a single moment.  The artist can place animals in a specific habitat which is often as important as the animal itself.  I may have terrific photos of animals to work from and I still need fifteen to twenty other angles to help make an accurate portrayal. I hope my final version is better than any photo.”

Laney beautifully blends the art and the science. Scientific rigor when paired with the artistry of composition and color makes a powerful piece of art!

By Jane Lavino, Sugden Family Curator of Education

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