Q&A part 2: Western Visions featured sculptor Gwynn Murrill August 21, 2014  |  By Admin

Gwynn Murrill has created remarkable animal figures, which are both timeless and contemporary. Initially working in wood and marble, Gwynn is now best known for her work cast in bronze, and for her enduring talent portraying her subjects in a form that is simultaneously abstract and figurative.

The National Museum of Wildlife Art asked Murrill about her influences in this 2nd short Q&A:

NMWA: What feelings or thoughts are you hoping are conveyed to collectors and viewers of your work?

“I hope that my viewers will see my work as universal, that it conveys the feeling of the animal I am depicting without my making value judgments about its existence.”

NMWA: Are there any reading or media materials that influence you or your artwork?

“Books that influence my work are usually catalogs from museum exhibitions of ancient artifacts from many parts of the world. For example: the Han Dynasty from China, Pre-Columbian from the Americas, Ancient European, and Middle Eastern.

I get ideas from looking around my environment, including photos I see in the newspaper.  I think that I am more influenced by looking at paintings. I don’t like to let religion, mystics, or other stuff like that, influence me in a way that is verbal.

I hate watching TV programs about animals-it seems something always bad has to happen.  I don’t like zoos, they make me feel badly, though sometimes I have to go to see a particular animal.”

View part 1 of the Murrill interview here.

Gwynn Murrill is the featured sculptor at the 2014 Western Visions show and Sale. Known for her minimalist, sculptural embodiments of wildlife, Murrill has four artworks available for purchase during the Wild 100 sale this September.

-Interview by Christina Sloat, Visitor Services Associate

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