RE-WILDING OF EUROPE – Wild Wonders of Europe and WILD10 September 25, 2012  |  Categories: Exhibits

MOOSE, WY (August 29, 2012) Acclaimed international conservation photographer Staffan Widstrand will present THE RE-WILDING OF EUROPE — Wild Wonders of Europe and WILD10 as part of the Murie WILD (Wonder. Inspire. Lead. Discover.) Series on Thursday, October 4, 2012 at 7 pm at the National Museum of Wildlife Art. Widstrand, the Managing Director of Wild Wonders of Europe, will combine incredible images and inspiring text to tell an amazing story of how wilderness and wildlife are staging a spectacular comeback across Europe’s lands and waters. This event is free and open to the public.

This comeback is the subject of Wild Wonders of Europe (WWE), the most ambitious conservation photography field project ever undertaken. Widstrand will illustrate how this return of wildness provides momentum for the process called WILD10, an ongoing public conservation program that will culminate in the 10th World Wilderness Congress in Salamanca, Spain in October of 2013. “Europe and Spain is the perfect place for the world to focus on wild nature in 2013…the return of wild nature is spectacular,” says Vance Martin, President of The WILD Foundation.

The WWE photography exhibit sends a powerful message: “Conservation works! We just need more of it!” The initiative involved 69 of Europe’s most dedicated and talented photographers performing 125 photographic missions across 48 European countries and taking over 200,000 photographs. The outcome is an engaging photography exhibit featuring 100 of the most inspiring images.

Widstrand, who is also on the Executive Committee for WILD10, aims to generate excitement and support for the upcoming Congress by showcasing the resurgence of wildness and wildlife across Europe.

Jon Mobeck, Acting Executive Director of The Murie Center, reminds us that “This evening sets the stage for October 2013 when, for four months, 48 photographs from the WWE exhibit will be displayed at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole, WY.”

Widstrand’s presentation will also be a featured event during the annual Photography at The Summit gathering taking place at the National Museum of Wildlife Art.

This evening presentation is a collaborative project of the The National Museum of Wildlife Art (, The Murie Center (, The Center of Wonder ( and The WILD Foundation (

About Staffan Widstrand

Managing Director of Wild Wonders of Europe Photographer and writer Staffan has a background as a nature tour production manager, a nature tour leader, a picture editor and a tank officer. He is a full time independent professional photographer, writer and activist for more than 20 years. He has won numerous international photography and book prizes and awards while authoring 15 books. He is a founder of the Swedish Ecotourism Association and its quality label ”Nature’s Best,” founder of the Swedish National Carnivore information centre ”The Big Five,” founder of the ”ILCP-International League of Conservation Photographers” and of the conservation communication initiative ”Wild Wonders of Europe” as well as the pioneering ”Rewilding Europe” initiative and the coming ”Wild Wonders of China.” He has been called “one of the most influential nature photographers in the world”.

About the Murie WILD Series

The Murie WILD (Wonder. Inspire. Lead. Discover) Series recognizes the gap between the theoretical and practical in the application of environmental ethics. By featuring a broad range of speakers—from world-class scientific and philosophical pioneers as well as visionary architects, explorers, artists and storytellers—the series provokes new ways of thinking about and acting in our world. Speakers will explore the nexus of scientific systems and philosophical values that will help participants design solutions to current conservation challenges. The series features speakers with proven ability to awaken and inspire shared imagination and whose life’s work has far-reaching impact. The series will open doors to opportunities that will improve society by sparking curiosity and catalyzing action.

About The Murie Center

The Murie Center, in partnership with Grand Teton National Park, engages people to understand and commit to the enduring value of conserving wildlife and wild places. The Murie Center is based at the Murie Ranch, a National Historic Landmark in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park from which Olaus, Mardy, Adolph and Louise Murie led some of the 20th century’s most effective conservation efforts. The Muries were instrumental in the establishment of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the passage of the Wilderness Act. Mardy Murie was honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Bill Clinton in 1998, recognizing her significant contributions to conservation throughout her lifetime.

Building on the Murie legacy, The Murie Center inspires new ways of thinking about conservation by promoting conservation ethics and values that will catalyze solutions to 21st century challenges. Its programs engage new conservationists from diverse backgrounds, inspire and empower future advocates and leaders, and promote large landscape conservation and committed citizen action.

About The Center of Wonder

The Center of Wonder supports the discovery of wonder through experiential programs in nature and the arts. Founded in Jackson, the Center of Wonder has created and offered a diverse array of programs during its tenure including ArtSpot, the Ambassador Program, Awaken Art, and, most recently, the Murie WILD Series (Wonder. Inspire. Lead. Discover.). By working collaboratively, the Center of Wonder strives to generate opportunities for engagement that connect community members in responsive and creative ways.

About The WILD Foundation

The WILD Foundation, based in Boulder, CO, works in a collaborative manner, across borders and in many different languages as an advocate for the preservation of wilderness globally. WILD works with local partners to ensure that projects are implemented according to local traditions, customs and manners. This approach gives their projects a grass-roots outlook with a larger support and knowledge network. WILD’s collaborative approach leverages resources to ensure that the maximum amount of each donor dollar support work on-the-ground.

WILD’s founding roots in South Africa create a deep and rich history of work in sub-Saharan Africa. Their global presence reaches from Africa to Canada to Latin America and India – and many places in between, including their home-town of Boulder, Colorado. WILD’s role is uniquely focused on people and their interactions with Nature. Therefore, one of the most important “places” they work is within the human heart and mind, inspiring and activating conservation through building an active relationship between people and Nature around the world.

About The National Museum of Wildlife Art

A member of the Museums West consortium and accredited by the American Association of Museums, the National Museum of Wildlife Art of the United States provides an exciting calendar of exhibitions from its permanent collection and changing exhibitions from around the globe.  A complete schedule of museum exhibitions and events is available online at  The museum is also active on Facebook at wildlifeartjh and on Twitter at @wildlifeartjh.

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