A Brush with Wildlife: Create a Composition with Carl Rungius



Rungius working in his studio
Carl Rungius

First, let's get to know Carl Rungius. He was born in Germany in 1869. He studied art there before moving to the United States as a young man. He was an avid sportsman and conservationist as well as a painter. His love of the Rocky Mountains and big game animals led him to become one of our finest wildlife artists. (More about Carl Rungius)

The Art of Composition

Artists have many different goals. Some tell stories with their art. Others use their art to make a point or express a belief. They share a unique view of the world, helping us to see things differently. But all artists use composition to accomplish their goals.

Wildlife artist John Clymer at work

Composition is simply the way that art elements and principles are used to express emotions and ideas. Composition organizes the space and guides the viewer's eye. Regardless of style, subject or purpose, composition is used by all artists.

Some artists drew on their particular experience and training and placed things where they looked "right." John Clymer, for instance, simply painted things "where they ought to go."


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