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2014 through 2015 offers many ways to show your support of the National Museum of Wildlife Art. We invite you to sponsor top-quality exhibitions and educational programs, which define the Museum as a cultural gem in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Our generous sponsors enable the Museum to reach an average of more than 80,000 visitors each year, serving local citizens and visitors, adults and children.

Exhibition Sponsorship start at $5,000

The Odd Couple

This rotating pairing of interesting artwork will appear in eight iterations during the year, coinciding with Mix’d Media programs. The idea behind this exhibit is to create an unexpected, unusual, and interesting juxtaposition of artworks that will engage our visitors in new ways. Year-round.

Conservation Gallery

Expanding on the long-lived Bison Gallery installation, this exhibit will explore a variety of conservation stories. Throughout history, America has prided itself on its vast land and resources, the aesthetic beauty of its mountains and plains, and the freedom associated with its expansiveness. It took a great deal of work to create a movement to protect and preserve the land and wildlife that created the country’s identity. Fall/Spring 2014 – 2015.

From Stone to Glass: Wildlife Sculpture in Multiple Media

This exhibition from the Museum’s extensive collection looks across approximately 4500 years of artistic production to discuss the different materials artists have used over time in the creation of animal sculptures. Summer/Spring 2014-2015.

Tusk, Horn, Flesh & Bone: Graphic Design by Asher Jay

Asher Jay is a young, dynamic artist and graphic designer whose awareness-raising designs have been distributed internationally. As wildlife art, they are most closely related to something like Andy Warhol’s Endangered Species portfolio, which presents a clear social message in a visually arresting manner. Fall/Winter 2014-2015.

Audubon and the Art of Birds

This exhibition focuses on John James Audubon’s masterwork, The Birds of America, contextualizing Audubon’s work with examples of the finest ornithological art from the Renaissance to the present day. Fall/Winter 2014-2015.

A Parade of Plumage: Engravings by François Nicolas Martinet

Before John James Audubon sprang onto the scene, there were accomplished avian artists in Europe who sought to accurately record the diversity of the world’s birdlife. Working in the middle to late 1700s, Francois Nicolas Martinet was one of the most prolific engravers of his era. Fall/Spring 2014-2015.

Western Visions Sponsorship Opportunities

Presenter: $50,000

Considered the premier event sponsor, the Presenter will be featured at all events and in all associated promotion including two pages in the catalog, invitation, website, national advertising, exhibition title wall, and will receive 10 priority badges to all events and 10 complimentary Museum passes. This special sponsor will be offered a docent tour of the exhibition and lunch with our featured artists in the Rising Sage Café.

Show & Sale: $25,000

Fund the Western Visions Miniatures and More Show & Sale, replete with buyers and artists, silent auctions, and associated refreshments. This special sponsor will be offered a docent tour of the art and lunch with one of the artists in the Rising Sage Café. Also includes six priority badges to all events and six Museum passes.

Wild West Artist Party: $25,000

The Wild West Artist Party, held the evening prior to the Sale, brings artists and buyers together for an intimate discussion of their work. Sponsorship at this level includes recognition in our invitation, catalog, website, event signage, exhibition title wall, six priority badges with access to all events, and six complimentary Museum passes.

Jewelry & Artisan Luncheon: $15,000

Sponsors of the Jewelry & Artisan Luncheon directly support one of the key components of our Western Visions week; our artisans. Artisans, known for their finely-crafted goods, gather at a unique location to offer their creations for purchase. A special luncheon is held off–site for over 150 attendees. Each Jewelry & Artisan Luncheon sponsor will be acknowledged in the Luncheon invitation, catalog, website, and receive two priority badges with access to all events, and two complimentary Museum passes.

Jane Smith Artist Breakfast: $10,000

Express your appreciation for the art behind fine art. Sponsor the Jane Smith Artist Breakfast, which happens during the Western Visions week and attracts premier artists to Jackson Hole. Each Jane Smith Artist Breakfast Sponsor will be recognized in our Breakfast invitation, catalog, website, and receive two priority badges with access to all events, and two complimentary Museum passes.

Benefactors Suite: $10,000

The Benefactors Suite provides a needed respite from the busy social call of the show. The Museum devotes the Members Lounge and Gallery to significant supporters of Western Visions, furnished with hors d’oeuvres and beverages. Each Benefactors Suite Sponsor will be acknowledged on the Benefactors Suite signage, in our catalog, website, and receive two priority badges with access to all events, and two complimentary Museum passes.

Volunteer: $5,000

This week of gala events would not be possible without the renowned group of volunteers who come from across the United States to take part in fine art sales and interpretation. Sponsorship at this level directly funds volunteer activities and luncheon. The Volunteer Sponsor will be recognized in our catalog, website, and receive two priority badges with access to all events, and two complimentary Museum passes.

For more information on sponsoring Museum exhibitions and programs please contact: Jocelyn Boss, Associate Director of Development

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