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Board Members

Meet the members of the board at the National Museum of Wildlife Art

Museum Board of Trustees and Officers

Chairman Emeritus
William G. Kerr

Scott Kirkpatrick

Vice Chairman
Kavar Kerr

Richard Beck

Adrienne Mars

Museum Director
Steve Seamons

Jan Benz
Lisa Carlin
Barbara Carlsberg
Tasso Coin
Richard A. Collister
Lynn Friess
Sue Simpson Gallagher
Jim Gersack
Mary Jane Hunt
Nada Jain
Lisa Jennings
Carol Linton
Peggy Mays
William A. Mingst
Pam Niner
Dick O’Leary
Debbie Petersen
Laurent Roux
Peter Safir
Lindy Sayers
Charlotte Stifel
Caroline Taylor
Georgene Tozzi
Suzanne Whitmore
Bettina Whyte

Trustee Emeriti
Mary Barnes
Howell Breedlove
Stephanie Brennan
Roger Craton
Mary Anne Cree
Jack Fritz
Richard P. Johnston
Joffa Kerr
Sam Lightner
Clarke Nelson
Julie Obering
Maggie Scarlett
Suzanne Young

Life Trustees
Marion Buchenroth
Bob Jaycox
Bob McCloy
Charlie Mechem
Gloria Newton
Dick Vaughan

National Advisory Board
Barbara Casey
Liliane A. Haub
Richard P. Johnston
Bill Lively
Christine Mollring
Bob Peck
John Turner

We Remember . . .
Stephen Adamson
Chuck Baker  |  Emeritus
Tom Chrystie
Bob Dellenback
Ted Donnan  |  Emeritus
Charlie DuPont
M. Anthony Greene  |  Emeritus
Tim Hixon
Robert Hughes  |  Emeritus
Dick Jennings
Florence Lamb
Mary Mead
Bob Mitchell
Pat Opler
Hank Stifel
David Stokes
Carl Thorne
P.A.B. Widener
Betsy Wyman
Tom Wyman

What People Are Saying

We came here in the recommendation of a worker at Yellowstone. The museum itself is beautiful, nestled into the hills outside Jackson. The art is stunning. Some feel almost like photographs. Highly recommended.

- Maureen S, Carlisle, PA

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