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Frequently Asked Questions About the Museum

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Can I take pictures in the Museum?

You are welcome to take photographs of the Museum and its collection and grounds using hand-held or video cameras only, under the following guidelines.

Why can’t I touch the art?

Oil and acid on our fingers leave damaging deposits on the surface of art, whether it is a painting, print, or sculpture. These deposits lead to chemical degradation on the artwork surface over a period of time. We want to preserve these important works of art for many future generations. Please help us by not touching paintings, prints, or sculptures.

May I talk to a curator?

Our curator is extremely busy, so an appointment is absolutely necessary. Please send a brief message via our contact form with your question. We will make sure that it gets to the appropriate staff person and that your inquiry is answered in a timely fashion.

How do I donate an artwork to the Museum?

We are happy to review the object with our acquisitions committee to determine if the artwork fits our collection policies. Please email a digital photo to with information about the piece you would like to donate. You may also send a photograph with any pertinent details to:

Curator of Art
National Museum of Wildlife Art
PO Box 6825
Jackson, WY 83002

Please do not bring your artwork to the Museum without a confirmed appointment with a member of our curatorial staff.

Does the Museum buy art?

Occasionally we will consider art for purchase. Please contact us via with information about the piece you are interested in selling. Include information telling us about the object, how you acquired the piece, and a digital photo. You may also send a
photograph with any pertinent details to:

Curator of Art
National Museum of Wildlife Art
PO Box 6825
Jackson, WY 83002

Please do not bring your artwork to the Museum without a confirmed appointment with a member of our curatorial staff.

I found a painting in my grandmother’s house. Is it real? What’s it worth?

An auction resource like Christie’s or Sotheby’s – or even online auction sites like or can help you learn more about the value of your object. The National Museum of Wildlife Art does not perform identifications, authentications, or valuations. You can find a certified appraiser in your area at or

I am an artist. Would I be able to have an exhibit at the Museum?

Solo exhibitions are extremely rare. You may send information about your art and digital images or links to online portfolios to the curator through our contact form.

Where can I learn more about a specific artist or type of art?

There are many different ways to learn about art. Online, you can search our website and other sites like or Your local library is also a great resource. Librarians are great at getting hard-to-find information.

I have an artwork that needs to be cleaned. Whom should I call?

You can find information on selecting a conservator for your artwork on The American Institute for Conservation Web site.

I need to have a work of art framed. Can you recommend someone?

There are many matting and framing companies. The American Institute for Conservation can tell you what kinds of materials you can request for the best protection of your art. More information found at the American Institute for Conservation Web site.

I need to move a large painting or sculpture. How do I do it?

There are a number of companies that specialize in art handling and ship locally and nationwide. Some of them are:,, or The Museum does not endorse any particular art handling and shipping companies.


Whom do I call to schedule a tour?

For school age children’s tours, call Associate Curator of Education: 307-732-5435.
For adult tours call Admissions Supervisor & Group Tour Coordinator at 307-732-5400.

How much does it cost to take a tour?

Admission and tours for school age children (pre K – grade12) are FREE (please schedule tours in advance). The accompanying teachers/chaperones on school age tours are also free. Adult tours are FREE, but adults pay regular admission to the Museum (please schedule tours in advance). Admission discounts are available for groups of 20 or more adults.

What are the tour options?

Connections between people, wildlife, fine art, and humanity’s relationship with nature are central themes to educational programming at the National Museum of Wildlife Art. Learn about artists, art history, American History, conservation, wildlife, biology, and ecology in our multidisciplinary programs.

Children’s tours range from themes such as “Exploring Color,” to “Wildlife in Winter.” To learn more about children’s tours, contact Associate Curator of Education at 307-732-5435.

Adult tours feature highlights from the Museum’s permanent collection and traveling exhibits. Tour themes and techniques support the Museum’s mission to bring people, wildlife, and art together.  Tours must be scheduled in advance.

What other programs are there for adults?

Our diverse programming includes: lectures, artist demonstrations, seminars, workshops and films that relate to wildlife, art and natural history. Check out What’s Happening to see what programs will be coming up!

Is the Museum a fun place for kids?

Yes! We have a Children’s Discovery Gallery whith an art-studio, wildlife costumes, life-sized diorama, a puppet theater, and a reading nook. It is open whenever the Museum is open. We also have “Critter Cases” for interactive gallery exploration.  These kits are loaned out for FREE via the admissions desk. We also have art making activities for kids during our “First Sundays” events.

Do you offer on-line educational programs?

The National Museum of Wildlife Art is dedicated to serving a wide audience through our educational programs, including those who are unable to visit the Museum. We have developed several lessons for use in conjunction with our on-line Collections. We also have several award-winning, interactive, educational games for children.

Is there an internship program?

Yes. The Museum’s Education Department offers a number of Internship opportunities, both paid and volunteer, for individuals interested in gaining better knowledge and hands on experience in museum studies. The Lillian Thomason Gemar Education Internship and the Curatorial Internship are the two primary internship opportunities available. However, the Museum will offer additional unpaid internships as needed on an individual basis. For additional information contact our Education Department or call our Adult Education Coordinator at 307-732-5438.


When I give a gift to the Museum, where does my money go?

Over 80% of the Museum’s expenditures directly support Museum programs such as exhibitions and educational outreach. This means the majority of your contribution is used to support the Museum’s mission.

Is the Museum a qualified non-profit?

The Museum is a public 501©(3), non-profit organization. Tax identification number 74-2431071.

I renewed my membership two months late and the expiration date on my new membership card is for ten months later. Shouldn’t it be 12 months later?

Your membership is not automatically dropped on the expiration date. You are allowed two months as a “lapsed” member after your membership expiration date. During the time your membership is lapsed, you can still use all of your membership benefits.

I lost my membership card. Can I still get into the Museum at no cost?

The front desk has a membership directory that is updated weekly. They will be able to confirm your membership status. To receive a replacement card, contact the membership office at 307-732-5447.

Why isn’t my membership fully tax-deductible?

Certain membership benefits, such as guest passes and your subscription to Call of the Wild magazine, are not tax-deductible according to IRS Code. If you would like to waive certain benefits to increase your tax deduction, simply make a note on your membership application or renewal form or contact the membership office at 307-732-5447.

My parents left me some stock I would like to give to the Museum. How do I go about making a gift of stock?

To make a gift of stock, please contact the development office at 307-732-5444.

How do I make a gift in memory of a loved one?

You can mail your gift to the development office with a note indicating who you are remembering with your gift. You can also make a gift over the phone with a credit card by calling 307-732-5447, or by visiting our website. If you would like the honoree’s family (or families) to receive a notification of your gift, please include current mailing information for the person you would like to be notified.

I cannot find the thank you letter which included my tax deduction receipt. How do I get another one?

To receive a replacement receipt, contact the membership office at 307-732-5447.

I saw the fossil tile wall at the Museum. Can I buy a tile?

Thank you for your interest. The fossil tile wall is sold out.


I'm a journalist working on a story about the National Museum of Wildlife Art. Whom do I contact?

Please contact:
Debbie Phillips,
Marketing Coordinator

I have a great advertising opportunity for the Museum. Whom do I contact?

Please contact:
Debbie Phillips,
Marketing Coordinator

Where can I get images of the Museum for an article?

Please contact:
Taylor Woods,
Marketing Manager

How can I be added to the press release distribution list?

Please contact:
Debbie Phillips,
Marketing Coordinator

I would like to buy advertising space in Call of the Wild Magazine. Whom do I contact?

Please contact:
Debbie Phillips,
Marketing Coordinator


I noticed some problems on your website. Whom do I contact about website maintenance?

If there are problems with, please send an email to our web master: Taylor Woods | | (307) 732-5437

How do I subscribe to your eNews?

You can sign up for eNews by scrolling down the page and entering your email address in the form field for eNews.

How do I Unsubscribe to your eNews?

You can unsubscribe by using the unsubscribe link at the bottom in any eNews message.


Do you ship?

Yes. The Museum Shop ships your purchase anywhere in the continental United States. A shipping fee will be charged based on your zip code and the packages weight and dimensions. In some cases, we may be able to ship an item outside of the continental U.S. Please contact the Museum Shop at 307-732-5428 for details.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes we accept all major credit cards.

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This museum was not only beautiful but expansive in its art collections. We visited with our 9 yr.-old granddaughter and she thoroughly enjoyed it as much as we did.

- lindahjensen, Greensboro, NC

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