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Student Artwork

Student paintings in response to the Rungius Sesquicentennial exhibition.


This online exhibit features artwork made by students from our local schools. These students worked with Museum educators to explore a current exhibition, Rungius Sesquicentennial — Rungius Reunited & Rarely Seen Rungius. This year, area summer camp youth are helping us celebrate the 150th birthday of the father of wildlife art, Carl Rungius, by learning about his life and creating their own unique watercolor or acrylic versions of his iconic artwork. While at the Museum, campers also participate in an interactive skit about Rungius’ climb to artistic fame, followed by an overview of color theory, and an in-gallery animal drawing tutorial.


Past Student Artwork Online Exhibition Archive

View 2019 Student paintings in response to Thomas D. Mangelsen: A Life in the Wild


What People Are Saying

This museum was 6 stars! Very well done! The staff that works there was so passionate about what they do! Made the whole experience wonderful! The student learning exhibit was amazing!

- Joanna K from Tripadvisor

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