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Anderson Peynetsa Sr

About Anderson Peynetsa Sr

Anderson Peynetsa, Zuni Pueblo, Collaborates with Avelia Peynetsa, signs AA Peynetsa), (Signs A. Peynetsa alone), active ca. 1980s-present: traditional black-on-redware, polychrome seed pots, jars, ollas, bowls, canteens, duck effigy pots. Anderson Peynetsa is the son of Charles and Wilma Peynetsa; bother of Agnes Peynetsa and Priscilla Peynetsa; husband of Avelia Peynestsa; father of Ashley Peynetsa.

Anderson Peynetsa was one of the "star students" who learned pottery making from Jennie Laate. His first class was in eighth grade. He progressed through the beginning, intermediate and advanced courses. Today, Anderson is among the best contemporary Zuni pottery painters. He is noted for his "precise, flowing lines." He also is an excellent sculptor, applying relief figures as noted onto some of his pottery.

Click on the images below to view Anderson Peynetsa Sr's artwork available for sale at this year's show.

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The architecture; location and art work in this museum was spectacular. We really enjoyed our visit there.

- sheratliff, Orlando, FL

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