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Brad Rude

About Brad Rude

Artist Brad Rude sees the world through the eyes of a Northwest artist who was born in Montana and has lived in Walla Walla most of his life.

His journeys through his grandfather’s folk art studio left him with the images of horses and carriages–his first carved horse still holds a place of prominence in his studio, next to his extensive collections of found objects, books, pictures and anything that might inspire him.

His passion for living in the country–his home and studio are tucked beneath Walla Walla’s Blue Mountains–have left him with a love of the Northwest and a concern for the human condition and Nature’s well-being. His art can be viewed as a simple offering of beauty, as he creates renderings of Mother Nature’s creatures–dogs, rhinos, lion, cows and horses. Or one can see each animal–Brad’s main object–surrounded by the emblems of the human conditions of uncertainty, danger, questions, joy.

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Artist Statement

I am a storyteller. I portray animals in situations that mimic our own lives. The animals are a stand in for us. I most often explore ideas about movement. I see movement as the foundation for the Journey of Life. I use analogies and metaphors to help viewers identify with the various animal characters and see themselves, perhaps saying, 'I've been there before' or 'I wish I could do that'. I also choose non-animal images to help compose my stories. Wheels, rocks, sticks, and towers are often used because they are familiar, and known throughout the world, and do not get stuck in a specific culture or time period. These universal images, combined with animal images, keep the work timeless and relevant to future generations. Art in public spaces must interact with such a diverse group of people, and therefore demands that the artist create the most accessible piece possible. My sculptures are positive and hopeful and enjoyed by people of all ages.

Past Artwork

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What People Are Saying

The architecture; location and art work in this museum was spectacular. We really enjoyed our visit there.

- sheratliff, Orlando, FL

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