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David A. Maass

About David A. Maass

David Maass’ career as a wildlife artist spans five decades. His reputation as one of the foremost painters of nature art did not occur over night. This kind of recognition and the earned respect of both his peers and the public has come one painting at a time, through weeks, months and years of skillful dedication to his avocation.

As a pioneer in the genre of nature art, Maass has paved the way for many new artists and helped make art more accessible for the appreciating public. Maass is credited with the concepts of both the time-limited print edition with his 1974 Federal Duck Stamp and the edition series with “Misty Morning.” His artworks reveal an amazing understanding of light and a diligent study of subject matter, capturing in each piece the true spirit of the outdoors. Over 300 of Maass’ images appear in limited edition form produced mainly by Wild Wings, his current and longtime publisher. Further David Maass’ work has donned the calendars of Brown & Bigelow for 46 years. In June of 1997, US ART honored Maass with the prestigious title of Master Artist. These accomplishments and others have made Maass one of the most popular guests at nature art shows and festivals across the country.

As an avid conservationist, David Maass continues to foster efforts which benefit wildlife and native habitat. He has designed 38 duck and conservation stamps, including two of the coveted Federal Duck Stamp Contests. David Maass was named Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year in 1974,1988, 2005, 2013, and 2016 and has been honored as the DU Featured Artist at their Great Outdoors Festival in Memphis, Tennessee. Maass has raised millions of dollars for conservation causes by donating original artworks and limited edition prints to various groups both nationally and internationally. A traditional favorite in DU National Art packages, Maass painted a four-year, four-print series for DU entitled “Fruits of Your Labor” and followed up with a program called “Waterfowling Hot Spots.” His personal appearances have assisted in public relations efforts by extending the conservation message beyond the hunter to the public at large.

David A. Maass’ work has been published in countless magazines, journals and books. Four books specifically featuring his images are: A Gallery of Waterfowl and Upland Birds, a collection of prose and artworks, he produced with renowned outdoors writer Gene Hill; The Wildfowl Art of David Maass by Michael McIntosh from the Masters of the Wild Series, Wildfowl of North America by Michael McIntosh and Following the Flight by Charles Potter.

Artist Statement

I am honored to have been selected to have my art displayed and for sale in the "Western Visions" Show at the National Museum of Wildlife Art. It is through these type of venues that we are able to display our paintings and reach a broader population base that is interested in art depicting wildlife.

Past Artwork

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This museum was not only beautiful but expansive in its art collections. We visited with our 9 yr.-old granddaughter and she thoroughly enjoyed it as much as we did.

- lindahjensen, Greensboro, NC

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