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G. Russell Case

About G. Russell Case

As a painter and as a person, G. Russell Case is an individual. His approach has always been such,
whether hiking in the Wasatch Mountains above his Utah home or throwing the perfect fly cast on the
Green River. As a painter, his most important influence in finding freedom to make his own approach
is the writing of Robert Henri in his book, The Art Spirit. Through his art, Case intends to convey
simplicity, artistic vision, and observations of western travel. He paints directly from nature to record
color and light, and his studio compositions are derivations of thoughts recorded outdoors.
Expressing his own attitude toward subject matter, Case has made it clear that there is no value to be
placed on literal translations of nature. His general scope is not realistic, rather his tendencies strive
toward idealization. Thomas Moran was one of the first to declare this thesis when asked about using
photography for subject matter. He said, “Of course, all art must come through nature or naturalism,
but I believe that a place, as a place, has no value in itself for the artist only so far as it furnishes the
material from which to construct a picture.” More than anything, this is the philosophy of Case as he
seeks subjects in the enchanting southwestern country, flooded with color and enchantment, where
pictorial interpretations await only artists with natural skills and original thoughts. The Grand
Canyon was there before Moran; the clouds were there before Dixon. California hills were there before
Wendt and Redmond; Utah cottonwoods and Mormon farmhouses were there before Stewart. Russell
Case has also discovered these subjects. A graduate of Snow College and Utah State University,
Russell has studied with Osrald Allred, Carl Purcell, Harrison Groutage, and Gaell Lindstrom. One-
man shows and awards include Best of Show at the Phippen Museum and Best Small Oil at the
Maynard Dixon Country 2001 invitational. By Paul Bingham Wood River Fine Arts located in
Ketchum, Idaho is proud to represent the work of G. Russell Case

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Although I am not a big fan of Western art, I thoroughly enjoyed the museum. The sculpture was stunning, and the views from the museum were beautiful. I learned so much about American artists, and the history of the difficulty in having wildlife paintings accepted by artists' organizations was fascinating. A lovely visit.

- Lyne from Tripadvisor

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