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Jerry Markham

About Jerry Markham

Growing up in rural Alberta just east of the Rocky Mountains, where his dad was a Fish & Wildlife officer, Jerry was often exposed to wildlife and nature and has always felt most at home near the mountains and under a big sky. He began drawing and painting at a young age, and has been painting full-time for over 16 years. Inspired by his surroundings and travel, Jerry enjoys painting a variety of subject matter including wildlife, landscapes, figures, still life, and anything that captures his interest.

“Jerry paints wonderful traditional landscapes, contemporary urban scenes, and near-abstract work, and his vibrant palette is reminiscent of Carl Rungius’ plein-air paintings. Very few artists have that kind of depth in their portfolio,” says Greg Fulton, owner of Astoria Fine Art in Jackson, Wyoming who represents Jerry’s work. (published in Southwest Art article in 2013)

Always the consummate student, he continually strives to evolve and grow as a painter, often tackling subject matter that challenges him, whether by pushing the composition, altering light or color, or experimenting with how the paint is applied.

“I want to capture the essence of a subject more than the specifics. If the work is loose and a bit undone, there is more room for the viewer to interpret, to access the painting through their own imaginings.”

Jerry’s work has been featured in Southwest Art, Western Art Collector, Western Art & Architecture, and International Artist, seen recognition through awards, and can be found in galleries throughout North America. It can also be viewed on his website at

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