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Sandy Scott

About Sandy Scott

Sandy Scott was trained at the Kansas City Art Institute and worked as an animation artist in the motion picture industry. In the 1970s, she turned her attention to etching and printmaking, and then sculpture in the 1980s. The subject of an informative book, "Spirit of the Wild Things: The Art of Sandy Scott", she maintains studios in Lander, Wyoming, and Lake of the Woods, Canada. She has received awards from the National Academy of Design, Society of Animal Artists, a gold medal for sculpture from the National Academy of Western Art, and Legacy Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Briscoe Museum. She is an elected member of the National Sculpture Society and Society of Animal Artists.

Click on the images below to view Sandy Scott's artwork available for sale at this year's show.

Artist Statement

The Raven is considered to be the messenger between the living and the spirit world by many Pacific Northwest Indian tribes. The Haida believed that Raven, creator of the world,
brought forth light, life and order and that nothing could exist without Raven. The sacred bird is honored in art and on totem poles reflecting the tales and mysticism that have developed around it. Some tribes believe that Raven teaches you to understand the language of animals and if Raven comes into your life, expect magic. With Raven, human and animal spirits intermingle and become as one.

Past Artwork

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What People Are Saying

The architecture; location and art work in this museum was spectacular. We really enjoyed our visit there.

- sheratliff, Orlando, FL

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