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Sandy Scott

About Sandy Scott

Sandy Scott was trained at the Kansas City Art Institute and worked as an animation artist in the motion picture industry. In the 1970s, she turned her attention to etching and printmaking, and then sculpture in the 1980s. The subject of an informative book, "Spirit of the Wild Things: The Art of Sandy Scott", she maintains studios in Lander, Wyoming, and Lake of the Woods, Canada. She has received awards from the National Academy of Design, Society of Animal Artists, a gold medal for sculpture from the National Academy of Western Art, and Legacy Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Briscoe Museum. She is an elected member of the National Sculpture Society and Society of Animal Artists.

Click on the images below to view Sandy Scott's artwork available for sale at this year's show.

Artist Statement

I constantly remind myself of the words of the one and only Bob Kuhn: "Take a look at what everyone around you is doing - then do something else." I find inspiration from those who came before me, and therefore my heroes are deceased. Artists throughout history, including figurative sculptors of Greek antiquity, renaissance and art deco have influenced me. I have always been, and remain inspired by the subjects of my sculpture. Among the many artists I admire are: Antoine Bayre, Adolph Weinman, Katherine Lane Weems, Donald De Lue, and Anna Hyatt Huntington.

Past Artwork

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What People Are Saying

This museum was not only beautiful but expansive in its art collections. We visited with our 9 yr.-old granddaughter and she thoroughly enjoyed it as much as we did.

- lindahjensen, Greensboro, NC

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