Past Exhibitions

A Change of Seasons

Wildlife in Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

February 12 2011 - April 24 2011

T.D. Kelsey'sA Change of Seasons greets every visitor as they drive up Rungius Road to the Museum. His work depicts two bison shedding their heavy coats as Winter gives way to Spring. Taking a cue from Kelsey's work, the National Museum of Wildlife Art presents A Change of Seasons: Wildlife in Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, an exhibition that focuses on artists' interpretations of how wildlife responds to the four seasons.

One of the strengths of the Museum's Permanent Collection is its breadth and flexibility, which allows us to explore a variety of topics, from art history to natural behavior. Because many artists pride themselves on their accuracy in terms of recording animal behavior in the wild, the Museum can use its collection to show how animals adapt to the various seasons of the year. From bears fattening up for their long winter hibernation to elk in velvet, this exhibit shows not only beautiful artwork, but also wildlife in different stages of development, preparing for the coming season.

Generously sponsored by Gloria & Bill Newton, GAMCO Investors, Inc., and Carol & Dean Spatz.