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Inside Out – Lesson 4

The Museum has developed several lessons for use in conjunction with its on-line Collections.

Lesson 4 – Project Web Page

Note! This project requires that you design your own web page using specialized software, namely writing HTML code. If you do not know what HTML code is or how to write it, you can go to HTML Primer, a website that can teach you how to write basic HTML code.

Materials Needed:
  • Software used to write HTML code for creating web pages, such as Microsoft Word©, Microsoft Notepad©, Claris Homepage©, or HomeSite©
  • Photos you have taken
  • Artwork you have created
  • Quotes you know
  • Songs you have written
  • Scanner or digital camera

When visiting some personal Web pages of high school students, you can learn a lot about who they are and what is important to them. Web pages can serve as autobiographies or collages of their identity.

As a culmination of ‘Inside Out’, you will create a Web page that communicates to the world something about you. You may wish to share things you have learned, or places you have traveled. A Web page is also a great place to post your ideas, artwork, photos, poems or even songs you have written.

To get started, try to include:

  • Photos you have taken (So you don’t run into copyright issues)
  • Original artwork of yours  (Songs, poetry, paintings, drawings, doodles, etc.)
  • One or more quotes that are important or special to you
  • You may also want to include articles that describe something that is important to you such as a hobby or a unique experience


  • Collect materials and think about what kinds of material you want to include on your page
  • Create an outline or story board that plans how the links will work
  • Use web page software to create your site
  • Network your page with the other students in your class

Inside Out –  Lessons

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Although I am not a big fan of Western art, I thoroughly enjoyed the museum. The sculpture was stunning, and the views from the museum were beautiful. I learned so much about American artists, and the history of the difficulty in having wildlife paintings accepted by artists' organizations was fascinating. A lovely visit.

- Lyne from Tripadvisor

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