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Wildlife in Winter – Lesson 4

The Museum has developed several lessons for use in conjunction with its on-line Collections.

Lesson 4 – Adapt an Animal for Winter

In this activity you will synthesize information you have learned about winter survival strategies to create your own animal that is adapted for winter. Each student should be prepared to discuss their animal’s adaptations and how these adaptations allow the animal to survive in its winter environment.

Materials Needed:

  • Information about animal adaptation
  • Reference photos of animals (optional)
  • Drawing supplies Graphics program (If you have access to a computer graphics program, animals may be created on the computer)


  1. Discuss ways animals adapt for winter.
  2. Choose an animal to “adapt”. (This can be a real or imagined creature. Furthermore, it can be an animal that does not typically encounter severe winter conditions such as an alligator.)
  3. Plan Adaptations. (Consider how their body would change; i.e., fur or feather color changes, size of feet, length of legs, metabolism, diet changes, behavior changes. Be imaginative!)
  4. You may want to sketch out these ideas. Refer to photographs to find out what the animal typically looks like.
  5. Draw this animal in a winter habitat including the changes you imagine. 6.Include a naturalist identification tag.
  6.  Create a NATURALIST IDENTIFICATION TAG by filling out the information below
  • (Bird, Mammal, Reptile) Circle one

Winter in Wildlife – Lessons

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