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Pre-K school programs at the National Museum of Wildlife Art

Pre-K School Programs at the Museum

Animal Tracking


Children follow a trail of animal tracks through the Museum learning about animals and art as they go. Select either the general animal tracking tour to learn about four different animals or the specific animal tour to focus on one animal (bear, wolf, bison, or mountain lion). The activity ends with time in the Children’s Gallery and the creation of a track rubbing.

This program supports the Wyoming Department of Education’s Early Childhood Readiness Standards for Language: Listening and Understanding; Social Emotional Development: self concept, self control, pro-social behavior; Approaches to Learning: engagement and persistence; Mathematics: geometry and spatial sense, patterns, and measurements; Physical Health and Development: fine motor skills; and Creative Arts.

Fables, Feathers & Fur


Storytelling and art making at the museum is an exciting opportunity for young visitors to engage with the art through looking, reading and art making in the galleries. All materials are provided. Fables, Feathers and Fur is offered every Wednesday, 10:30  – 11 a.m. except during the months of April and September.

Fables, Feathers & Fur is generously sponsored by the Cross Charitable Foundation and the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole.

No pre-registration needed unless you bring a group with more than 4 children. 

For more information, please contact:

Lisa Simmons
Assistant Curator of Youth and Adult Education
(307) 732-5435

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What People Are Saying

We went here because one of our kids wasn't feeling too well so we looked for options that were softer than trekking (summers) , and we absolutely loved it . The art work is fascinating and beautiful and varied ...a must visit - esp if its a rainy day :)

- amazingnivs, Mumbai

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