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The perfect place for art and wildlife inspired gifts

“Wild About Art”© by Greta Gretzinger Poster


Poster size:  37.5″ x 15″ 

Tickets are not available.

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This wonderful mural by local artist Greta Gretzinger depicts various wildlife characters representing famous artists. Greta has even included our own local celebrity grizzly 399. See if you can find them all! (P.S. A “legend” outlining all the artists represented in the mural will be included with shipping.)

A great addition to children’s rooms, daycare centers, classrooms, etc.

Each poster is copyright stamped on the back with details of the image.

Custom size posters may be available – please call 307.732.5429 to enquire if we can reproduce with a size to suit your needs

What People Are Saying

Amazing architecture and building design provide a wonderful setting for this world-class Museum of wildlife art. Excellent and informed staff… Options for entry… Headsets available… An excellent café on site. I could spend an hour in the gift shop alone… Looking at the one of a kind, artistic, creative and beautiful offerings.

- Nancy, Topeka, Kansas

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