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Student Paintings in Response to the Thomas D. Mangelsen: A Life in the Wild photography exhibition.

Student paintings in response to the Thomas D. Mangelsen: A Life in the Wild photography exhibition.

Student paintings in response to Thomas D. Mangelsen: A Life in the Wild

This online exhibit features artwork made by students from our local schools. These students worked with Museum educators to explore our current wildlife photography exhibition, Thomas D. Mangelsen: A Life in the Wild.  Participants learned about the elements of photography, and discussed Mangelsen’s ingredients for a perfect photograph – patience, light, and knowledge of animal behavior. Each student chose a photograph in the exhibit that was inspiring to them. They carefully studied and sketched the image, ultimately transforming it into an acrylic painting on canvas board.

Click on the images above to see a quote from the artist.

Photographer Thomas D. Mangelsen says about the student’s paintings, “To say that I think they are wonderful would simply be an understatement. They are incredible in many ways. It amazes me as to how these young people captured the essence of my photographs. And it’s interesting to see what caught their attention and how their creative, young minds interpreted it. Both teachers and students should be very proud of what they have done and I’m sure they are!”

Tonia Ralston, Art Instructor and Program Coordinator for C-V Ranch School and Teton Valley Community School, had this to say about her student’s experience, “The magnitude of the wildlife photography exhibit was so impactful! For the students to experience this subject matter in the museum gallery environment inspired a focus that was extremely meaningful and engaging. The response to them viewing their paintings and statements online has been one of self-pride, and an affirmation of a successful pursuit. One students’ self-reflection on art engagement in general is ‘Art helps me express what I’m feeling.  It’s easier than using words.’”  

Check back in throughout the duration of the exhibit to see more student artwork!

What People Are Saying

This museum was 6 stars! Very well done! The staff that works there was so passionate about what they do! Made the whole experience wonderful! The student learning exhibit was amazing!

- Joanna K from Tripadvisor

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