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Awards History

Western Visions Awards

Red Smith Award

Each Year, attending Western Visions® artists vote for the Red Smith Award recipient. Artists are eligible to vote for the Best of Show. The winning artist is awarded a set of Rungius Medals and a $500 cash prize.

1990 Clark Hulings
1991 Skip Whitcomb
1992 Len Chimiel
1993 Bill Reese
1994 Bob Kuhn
1995 T. Allen Lawson
1996 Jim Morgan
1997 Matt Smith
1998 Clyde Aspevig
1999 Bob Kuhn
2000 Skip Whitcomb
2001 Mian Situ
2002 Howard Rodgers
2003 Greg McHuron
2004 Walter Matia
2005 Greg Beecham
2006 Harley Brown
2007 Jim Morgan
2008 Steve Kestrel & Greg McHuron
2009 Thomas Quinn
2010 Steven Devenyns
2011 Timothy Shinabarger
2012 Jim Morgan
2013 Walter Matia
2014 Daniel W. Pinkham
2015 Timothy David Mayhew
2016 George Arthur Carlson
2017 Edward Fraughton
2018 William Alther

People’s Choice Award History

The People’s Choice Award is generously sponsored by Southwest Art magazine and is given to the public’s favorite artwork from the Show & Sale. Each person submits one vote during the week of the show for his or her favorite artwork.

2005 Brenda Murphy
2006 Jim Morgan
2007 Steve Kestrel
2008 Daniel Smith
2009 Greg Beecham
2010 Donald Crowley
2011 Daniel Smith
2012 Mary Roberson
2013 Britt Freda
2014 Ewoud de Groot
2015 Adam Smith
2016 Edward Aldrich
2017 John Serrey-Lester
2018 John Serrey-Lester

Trustee Purchase Award

The Trustee Purchase Award is given to one artist for a single artwork entered in the Show & Sale.  National Museum of Wildlife Art Trustees will vote for the Purchase Award and the winning artwork will become a part of the Museum’s acclaimed permanent collection.

2008 Chris Bacon
2009 Greg McHuron
2010 September Vhay
2011 Mark Eberhard
2012 Ralph Oberg
2013 Britt Freda
2014 Timothy David Mayhew
2015 Rox Corbett
2016 Brad Rude
2017 Kathryn Mapes Turner
2018 Robert Glen

Robert Kuhn Award

This award is named for a great friend of the Museum, the late Bob Kuhn. The Robert Kuhn Award will go to the best submission in the category of artists’ sketches as determined by a panel of judges. Sketches by painters and sculptors are eligible.

2008 John Potter
2009 Mort Solberg
2010 Timothy David Mayhew
2011 Mary Roberson
2012 Andrew Denman
2013 Pete Zaluzek
2014 Chad Poppleton
2015 Kathy Wipfler
2016 Kyle Sims
2017 William Sawczuk
2018 George Boorujy

Featured Painters History

1996 Bob Kuhn
1997 Michael Coleman
1998 Lanford Monroe
1999 Robert Bateman
2000 Scott Christensen
2001 Tucker Smith
2002 Bob Kuhn
2003 Carl Brenders
2004 Jim Morgan
2005 Dave Wade
2006 Richard Murray
2007 Carl Brenders
2008 Donna Howell-Sickles
2009 Lindsay Scott
2010 Mary Roberson
2011 Daniel Smith
2012 Tucker Smith
2013 Mark Eberhard
2014 Ewoud de Groot

Featured Sculptor History

1999 Sandy Scott
2000 Richard Loffler
2001 Kent Ullberg
2002 Gerald Balciar
2003 Tim Shinabarger
2004 Walter Matia
2005 Dan Ostermiller
2006 Ken Bunn
2007 Bill Rice
2008 Tim Cherry
2009 Leo E. Osborne
2010 Simon Gudgeon
2011 Bart Walter
2012 Richard Loffler
2013 Veryl Goodnight
2014 Gwynn Murrill
What People Are Saying

This museum was not only beautiful but expansive in its art collections. We visited with our 9 yr.-old granddaughter and she thoroughly enjoyed it as much as we did.

- lindahjensen, Greensboro, NC

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