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Collection Highlights

Collection Highlights

The Collection features more than 550 artists and over 5,000 catalogued items. Dating from 2500 b.c. to the present, the collection chronicles much of the history of wildlife in art, focusing primarily on European and American painting and sculpture.


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October 2016
21 Fri
Sneak Peek of Sandy Scott: A Retrospective
11:30AM - 12:00PM

A sneak peek of Sandy Scott: A Retrospective will feature an introduction from Curator Dr. Adam Harris and sculptor Sandy Scott will talk about her journey from inspiration to finished sculpture.

22 Sat
Sandy Scott Retrospective
Sat, October 22, 9:00AM - Sat, April 16, 5:00PM

Sandy Scott received her formal art training at the Kansas City Art Institute and later worked as an animation background artist in the motion picture industry. She turned her attention to etchings and printmaking in the 1970’s and to sculpture in the 1980’s. Born in Dubuque, Iowa in 1943 and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, she works today in Lander, Wyoming in a studio near the foundry that casts her bronzes. She also maintains studios on Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada, and in the mountains of northern Colorado. Sandy is an avid outdoorswoman who loves to hunt and fish. She has made 16 trips to Alaska as well as Europe, Russia, China and South America. Sandy believes that to be a good artist, she must conduct field work to know their subjects and accurately present their subjects to the viewer. Having experienced and lived what she depicts, her work is unquestionably authentic. More about this exhibit

26 Wed
Fables Feathers & Fur
10:30AM - 11:00AM

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