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Exhibition open May 25, 2024 – August 25, 2024

The National Museum of Wildlife Art is pleased to present the traveling exhibition ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT II. Comprised of works by contemporary artists, this exhibition considers issues that involve relationships between animals and humans, ecology, and conservation from both local and international perspectives. The goal of this exhibition is to heighten public awareness about the degradation of diverse environments through artworks that focus on the consequences of environmental destruction and devastation.

Traditional art generally depicts nature in all of its glory, often in beautiful, pristine conditions. The 60 paintings, photographs, prints, installations, and sculptures in ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT II differ because they deal with ominous environmental issues ranging from the implications of unabated resource development, industrial scale consumption, and climate change to oil spills, the perils of nuclear energy, drought, wild fires, diminishing water resources, and other modern phenomenon like the biological effects of low frequency electromagnetic field pollution on vulnerable species such as honey bees, all of which impact people and the other inhabitants that populate the planet today.

To produce ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT II, Curator David Wagner, PhD, drew upon a diverse range of artists whose works are not only hard-hitting, but which also propel the Environmental Movement in the age we live in. Many of these artists like Robert Bateman, Britt Freda, Leo Osborne, Kent Ullberg, and Bart Walter, are also represented in the Museum’s permanent collection. While others like Sayaka Ganz, Jeff Frost, and Karen Hackenberg, will be exhibited here for the first time.

Artist Britt Freda remarks, “It is my hope that the paintings evoke contemplative curiosity and raw, intangible lingering. For what is it to see that we are all connected by circular patterns of propagation, regeneration, evolution and death? What is it to stand in the knowing that, alive, we share a place indivisible from our natural environment or from each other? Do we proceed differently?” The artists in this exhibition invite the viewer to consider the intentional or unintentional consequences of human action or inaction, through the power of art.

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT II is produced by David J. Wagner, L.L.C., David J. Wagner, PhD, Curator/Tour Director,

TOP: Preview of California on Fire by Jeff Frost. This film will be screened in the Artist’s Theater during the exhibition.

Not able to visit us in person? Click below to explore a 3D virtual tour of the exhibition:

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