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The Museum is proud to partner with various other nonprofit organizations. The education department at the National Museum of Wildlife Art runs education programs free of charge to participants, including school field trips, student exhibits, and other public programming. Our community partners and many generous donors make these programs possible.

Community and Nonprofit Partnerships

One of our core values is collaboration, and we are proud to partner with various other nonprofit and community partners, both locally and nationally. Through these partnerships, we can further our mission of imparting knowledge and generating wonder through art and education.

EnChroma, Inc

The Museum is a proud partner with EnChroma, Inc. – creators of EnChroma eyewear for color blindness. Color blind glasses are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There are three adult and one child pair of glasses to borrow complimentary.

City Kids Wilderness Project

City Kids Wilderness Project is a nonprofit organization founded on the belief that providing enriching life experiences for DC youth can enhance their lives, the lives of their families and the greater community. The Museum has hosted amazing High School students in the City Kids program on a one day job shadow of the education department. The education department is excited to support the development of young professionals!

COOMBS Outdoors

COOMBS Outdoors empowers local youth to grow and thrive by reducing barriers to outdoor recreation through programs, mentorship, and community building. During the summer the Museum is honored to be a part of the COOMBS summer camp itinerary and our educators have fun exploring the Museum and creating with local youth.

Creature Conserve

The Museum finds amazing synergy in partnering with Creature Conserve to create and bring exhibits that push the boundaries of how artists and people are relating to wildlife. Our education team partnered with them to bring Re-Imagining Conservation to the Museum in 2023, Urban Wildlife: Learning to Co + Exist in 2020, and Wildlife Trade: Art + Science in 2017.

CREST (Teton County School District)

The Museum provides activities at local elementary schools for kids during teacher in-service days. CREST is run through the partnerships between the Teton County School District and other community non-profits like the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum.

Jackson Hole Children’s Museum

The mission of the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum is to ignite every kid’s potential through creativity, learning, and play. We find so much joy in partnering with the Children’s Museum to create and facilitate programming that sparks creativity through exploration and creation of wildlife art during after-school and summer programming. Their partnership allows us to bring the Museum out into classrooms and our community.

The Grand Adventure

We are so excited about our growing relationship with The Grand Adventure. They are dedicated to connecting youth receiving long-term cancer care to extraordinary people, places and experiences through in-person and virtual adventures that inspire healing through exploration. The Museum and The Grand Adventure work together to provide both virtual and in-person experiences at the Museum, exploring art, wildlife and our human connection to both. We contribute to Adult Survivorship Programs by offering art activities in Grand Teton National Park.

Hole Food Rescue

Jackson Hole Food Rescue is working to ensure all children in Teton County have access to a healthy lunch throughout the summer. The Museum is honored to partner with JHFR throughout the summer during their Sprouts Lunch Program to provide free art activities inspired by our collection of wildlife art for kids and families grabbing lunch in the park.

National Geographic

In 2023 The National Geographic Society hosted one of its Photo Camps in Jackson. These 5 day experiences provide a meaningful experience to photography for young people around the world. The Museum was proud to partner in recruiting and connecting local youth to the program and hosted the final celebration of student work in the auditorium.

The Nature Conservancy of Wyoming

The Greater Yellowstone Botanical Tour (GYBT) on the Museum’s Sculpture Trail is a partnership of the Museum, The Nature Conservancy of Wyoming, and Teton Botanical Garden, made possible by Teton Conservation District. The GYBT is a powerful educational tool to engage visitors in nature and in place. It allows the Museum to provide visitors with a deeper understanding of regional ecosystems, through exploration, education, and art.

Sage Living

In the winter months, the Museum welcomes residents from Sage Living on Mondays when the Museum is closed to the public. This allows seniors who may not be able to come to the Museum otherwise or who may be immunocompromised to enjoy the Museum in safety. Art has the power to inspire and heal, and our programs and events team is thrilled to offer this to our local senior living community.

Teton County Parks and Recreation: Kids Club and Camp Jackson

After-school and summer programs are an essential need in our community. Museum educators are able to help support this need through our partnership with Teton County Parks and Recreation. Museum educators teach both offsite and onsite programming with Kids Club and Camp Jackson engaging youth from across the community in art and wildlife.

Teton Literacy Center

The Museum works with the Teton Literacy Center in their mission to change lives through the power of literacy by collaboratively creating and teaching annual programming that integrates art and language for adult ESL class participants.

Teton Science Schools

The Museum is a rich resource for school and field education programs through Teton Science Schools. The education department works with teachers and field educators to create and teach place-based programming through art and exploration.

Wind River Community Alliance

Wind River Community Alliance works to support Native American led programs and ideas within the Wind River Indian Reservation community that contribute to a thriving, secure, and empowered community connected to culture, family, community, animals, and land, and to further the advancement of allyship and engagement between Native and Non-Native communities. The Museum contributes staff and volunteer time to create hundreds of art kits each year. These kits are given to children on the Wind River Indian Reservation free of charge.

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