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Bregelle Whitworth Davis

About Bregelle Whitworth Davis

Born in 1985, Bregelle Whitworth Davis was raised in a small town in Idaho. Being close to Jackson, WY and Yellowstone National Park she gained a great appreciation for fine art and the wonders of nature. She grew up surrounded by a family passionate for art, adventures, and animals, especially wildlife. She still ventures out as often as she can to study and photograph wildlife to use in her paintings.

Over the last 10 years, Bregelle has been featured in many solo and group art shows across the country including; dozens of galleries, the Springville Museum "Annual Spring Salon", the National Museum of Wildlife Art "Western Visions" show, and the Hogle Zoo’s "World of the Wild". Hogle Zoo also selected her to be their Featured Artist in 2014. She has been blessed with wonderful collectors from all over the World, some as far away as Australia, Norway, and even China. Her artwork has also been featured in multiple magazine articles.

Bregelle obtained her BFA in Illustration from Brigham Young University of Idaho, alongside of her artist husband. Following college, Bregelle and her husband moved to Salt Lake City, UT. Not long after their 11th anniversary in 2017, their lives changed drastically. While Bregelle was pregnant with their first child; she received a diagnosis of aggressive Stage IV Breast cancer. Bregelle was induced mere hours later and delivered their healthy son 2 weeks early. Within 2 weeks Bregelle, started extremely aggressive chemotherapy treatments. After several long years of chemo, radiation, surgeries, countless complications, and being a new mom, Bregelle is finally back in the studio again. Though her hands have needed some retraining because of neuropathy and her painting is slow going at times, she is so grateful that there is still no evidence of cancer. Now Bregelle splits her time between rebuilding herself physically, and her two sources of happiness: her family and creating art.

Artist Statement

Throughout my life, creating has always been part of my identity and my artwork has always pushed me forward each day. Going through cancer took away much of my identity. It took away my health, my hair, my ability to hold and care for my child. It even took away some of my ability to paint but it never took away my desire to create. My passion is creating artwork that brightens the lives of others and shares my affection for animals and color. I strive to capture moments in time through the use of a limited color palette. I believe that constraints breed creativity. And through that simplicity I try to bring out the life and energy of each animal I paint.

Past Artwork

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What People Are Saying

We went here because one of our kids wasn't feeling too well so we looked for options that were softer than trekking (summers) , and we absolutely loved it . The art work is fascinating and beautiful and varied ...a must visit - esp if its a rainy day :)

- amazingnivs, Mumbai

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