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Diana Reuter-Twining

About Diana Reuter-Twining

Diana is the President of American Women Artists which strives to inspire, celebrate and encourage women in the visual arts. Work by women artists represent between 3-5% of the permanent holdings of art museums in America. AWA’s 25 in 25 program (25 museum show in the next 25 years) is their campaign to change those statistics.

Diana and her husband, Ned, spent years in Southern African working with South African National Parks which indoctrinated her to the philosophy of conservation science which forever changed her life and inspired her to catalogue the frail balance between nature and man.

Through her art she hopes to engage people in becoming stewards of the natural world and its habitats.

Click on the images below to view Diana Reuter-Twining's artwork available for sale at this year's show.

Artist Statement

Dressage is a discipline of horse and rider requiring extreme strength, grace, balance and will. It is often associated with the famous white Lipizzaners of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria.
I chose to pay homage to this in my sculpture, MAESTRO. In studying the horse I found that proportionally the horse in this gesture approximated the Golden Ratio or Divine Proportion in mathematics.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s association with this ratio inspired his illustrations for Luca Pacioli’s book The Divine Proportion, in which he showed examples of how Phidias, a Greek sculptor and mathematician, applied it to the design of sculptures for the Parthenon. Euclid proved that the diagonals of the regular pentagon cut each other in “extreme and mean ratio”. The Fibonacci spiral, which is etched in the sculpture’s base, is the result of taking this ratio and drawing circular arcs connecting the opposite corners of squares which is often found in nature as evidenced by the chambered nautilus which, if allowed to grow, would expand to infinity in the same proportion.

Past Artwork

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What People Are Saying

We were told that this was great and we were not disappointed. Wonderful fine wild life art from all over the world. Many great artists.

- HowardLaw, Madison, WI

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