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Diana Reuter-Twining

About Diana Reuter-Twining

Diana is currently the President of the Board of American Women Artists, an non-profit organization dedicated to the inspiration, celebration and encouragement of women in the visual fine arts. Work by women artists represents between 3-5% of the permanent holdings of art museums in the United States. AWA’s 25 in 25 program (25 museum shows over the next 25 years) is their campaign to change those statistics.

Diana and her husband, Ned, spent years in Southern Africa working with South African National Parks which indoctrinated her to the philosophy of conservation
science, which forever changed her perspective and inspired her to catalogue the frail balance of man vs. the natural world.

Through her art she hopes to engage people in becoming stewards of the natural world and its habitats.

Artist Statement

Tyto was a barn owl I photographed one day while attending The Artists for Conservation Annual Exhibition in Vancouver at the Grouse Mountain Resort. I was so captivated by this exquisite bird. After countless photographs I chose this pose to sculpt. It shows him stretching and captured his grace, agility and strength all in one pose.

Past Artwork

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What People Are Saying

Amazing architecture and building design provide a wonderful setting for this world-class Museum of wildlife art. Excellent and informed staff… Options for entry… Headsets available… An excellent café on site. I could spend an hour in the gift shop alone… Looking at the one of a kind, artistic, creative and beautiful offerings.

- Nancy, Topeka, Kansas

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