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George Northup

About George Northup

George lived for many years near the Snake River in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and now lives and works in a new home in the Texas Hill Country outside of Fredericksburg. Wyoming and Texas are where he draws inspiration from for his sculptures of wildlife, sporting art and figures in bronze. His work has been widely acknowledged, honored and collected. It can be found in museum, corporate and private collections across the country and in many places around the world. He has completed a large monumental sculpture commissioned by the Grand National Waterfowl Hunt Club in Cambridge, Maryland that is the focal point for a new eastern shore information center George spends many weeks each year traveling and researching his wildlife and sporting subject. He continually works with other artists and individuals to gain more insight into the pursuit of his art.

Click on the images below to view George Northup's artwork available for sale at this year's show.

Artist Statement

Each new piece of work of mine is a thought or experience, often from two to five years back. From the moment of inspiration through the time to completion, gathering information, forming design decisions – the process of three dimensional execution evolves. It is the editing of subjects that are available in my mind at the outset of beginning a sculpture that is most important in a successful execution.

My work is not always consistent with one medium to work from. The challenge is to be flexible enough to be using the type of materials to be suited for the project at hand.

The greatest joy of the creative process is in knowing who purchased your first piece of art and the most recent – and why they were inspired enough to have it become part of their lives. THERE is success – that you were able to translate something from within yourself and communicate it at that level.

Past Artwork

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What People Are Saying

We were told that this was great and we were not disappointed. Wonderful fine wild life art from all over the world. Many great artists.

- HowardLaw, Madison, WI

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