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Gerald Balciar

About Gerald Balciar

Gerald Balciar's fascination with animals dates back to his childhood days growing up in rural Wisconsin amidst the dairy farms and northwoods. His repertoire of work ranges from small scale creations to heroic and monumental installations. A consummate artist, Balciar is involved in all facets of creating bronzes; from making his own molds to chasing his own waxes, welding and applying the patina and finishing touches. In 1995, he carved an 18' tall marble sculpture of a cougar from a single piece of marble which is installed at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City.

"I learn from nature and nature is my inspiration. I guess I would simply state my artistic philosophy as my desire to create shapes and forms that are pleasing to my eye and to the eyes of others, mainly collectors."

Artist Statement

My goal in sculpting Rally In The Redbud was all about design and composition using two of my favorite subjects, scissor-tails and redbuds. I see most of my scissor-tails on fences between Salina and Oklahoma City but I did see a flock of 8 or 10 in a redbud in Edmond ten years ago. I think they were all juvenile males. I have made 3 - 4 attempts to grow a redbud in my yard in Colorado but my altitude of 6300 is just out of their range.

Past Artwork

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What People Are Saying

Amazing architecture and building design provide a wonderful setting for this world-class Museum of wildlife art. Excellent and informed staff… Options for entry… Headsets available… An excellent café on site. I could spend an hour in the gift shop alone… Looking at the one of a kind, artistic, creative and beautiful offerings.

- Nancy, Topeka, Kansas

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