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Jane Rosen

About Jane Rosen

Jane Rosen's chosen subjects, animals wild and tame, are used as vehicles to explore their instincts and natural intelligence. For Rosen, understanding animal nature is a key to understanding human nature. She was selected by the American Academy of Arts and Letters for inclusion in their 2010 Annual Invitational in New York. Her work has been reviewed in The New York Times, ArtForum, Art in America, and Art News and has been exhibited across the United States. Rosen's work is in numberous public and private collections including the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Aspen Art Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Chevron Corporation, the collection of Grace Borgenicht, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Luso American Foundation, Mallin Collection, Mitsubishi Corporation, and Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. She lives on the California coast south of San Francisco.

Artist Statement

Living close to nature and working outside started my evolution as a sculptor. Who I was has completely changed by living in California. First of all, I am more aware of what surrounds me. I am more interested in perception rather than cognition, and I am more interested in taking an impression in rather than trying to make an impression. When the birds sit in the trees in the light of late afternoon, they glow. They have this inner light, and the medium of glass with stone is fantastic for capturing it. There’s a posture in animals and in the light and the forms of nature, that gives rise to a presence. I wish for people to feel that presence, to know that it brings a quiet.

Past Artwork

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What People Are Saying

Although I am not a big fan of Western art, I thoroughly enjoyed the museum. The sculpture was stunning, and the views from the museum were beautiful. I learned so much about American artists, and the history of the difficulty in having wildlife paintings accepted by artists' organizations was fascinating. A lovely visit.

- Lyne from Tripadvisor

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