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Jen Smith

About Jen Smith

Wild horses, bison, feathers, dead birds and skulls.

Tiny pine cones, ravens, wolves, and little eggs tucked neatly in a nest.

These are just a few of the subjects that inspire the work of Jen Smith.

She grew up in the Bighorn Basin of northern Wyoming just 90 miles east of Yellowstone National Park. She draws inspiration from that heritage of living and being raised outside in the badlands, prairies and the Rocky Mountains of that region.

Through the act of exploration she responds to the natural world in it's ever evolving state through the medium of charcoal, pastel pencil and watercolor. Her work although naturalistic is very modern and clean and showcases each subject with great detail and emotion.

Jen received her AA in studio art from NWC in Powell, Wyoming and then went on to get her BFA in Drawing and Painting from Montana State University in beautiful Bozeman, Montana.

She enjoys her home art studio which has a stunning view of the Columbia River Gorge in the tiny river town of Stevenson, Washington. Jen is considered to be one of the top up and coming artist in the region.

Artist Statement

“When I draw I push for getting a strong response to the subject that I am showcasing. Through drawing in charcoal I get the sharp contrasts and softness that really describe the natural world. My hope is that my audience is captivated and transfixed the way I am with the natural world around me.”

Past Artwork

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