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John Banovich

About John Banovich

John Banovich is known internationally for his large, dramatic portrayals of iconic wildlife and his deep passion, knowledge and unwavering commitment to conservation. Banovich's work is in important museum, corporate and private collections across the globe and has appeared in numerous prestigious venues. Banovich’s work has been showcased on CBS Entertainment Tonight, The Outdoor Channel, The Great American Country Channel, Orion Entertainment, PBS and NBC has written about his dedication to his conservation work and named him an NBC Cause Celebrity.

In 2007 John Banovich founded the Banovich Wildscapes Foundation. It is the culmination of tireless conservation efforts over the past two decades. Through his career as an artist, Banovich has inspired a deeper understanding of the world and its wildlife, encouraging successful conservation efforts and awareness of endangered species and their habitats.  Currently BWF supports twelve projects in seven countries.

“I started the Banovich Wildscapes Foundation as a way to give something back to the world that has given so much to me. The name WILDSCAPES refers to large abundant landscapes…wild, balanced and intact ecosystems. There is nothing more important to future generations than wildlife and wild lands. Special places that lift our minds, replenish our spirits and renew our passion for living."
- John Banovich, Artist/Conservationist

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Artist Statement

The American bison is perfectly adapted to surviving in not only the hot summers on the plains but also the brutal North American winters. Using its massive head as a snow plow in a side to side motion it can forage in the deepest snow to access to the buried vegetation below. Bison are also able to move swiftly in soft fresh powder and I love painting them busting through the snowy deep drifts; their movements completely silenced by the fresh powder!

Past Artwork

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This museum was not only beautiful but expansive in its art collections. We visited with our 9 yr.-old granddaughter and she thoroughly enjoyed it as much as we did.

- lindahjensen, Greensboro, NC

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