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About Laney

Laney is a naturalist wildlife artist and photographer. She has spent a lifetime in art, first majoring in commercial art and then illustration biology texts published by the National Science Foundation, and the then college texts published by New York publishing houses. Originally from Colorado, Laney has been in the Wind River Valley for over forty five years and lives on Dry Creek near Crowheart, Wyoming. She is a founding member of the NMWA and has exhibited in many museum shows, most notably, Darwin's Legacy in 2013. Her book, To See Beyond Looking, was released in the spring of 2016. It is a life history of a naturalist artist.

In October 2017, Laney will be exhibiting a painting of the Yellowstone grizzly sow, Blaze, and her two cubs, at the Desert Art Museum in Tucson, Arizona. She has been invited as American Women Artists' Esteemed Guest Artist for their show, Under a Vast Sky.

Click on the images below to view Laney's artwork available for sale at this year's show.

Artist Statement

Laney's specific interest is naturalist art, a separate branch of animal and wildlife art. It involves in-depth study of animal behavior and natural habitats, including vegetation and geologic formations. My focus is on animal behavior and a sensitivity to patterns of behavior for each animal. Special attention is given to plants, weather patterns, and the natural environment in northwest Wyoming the the Great Plains.

Past Artwork

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What People Are Saying

We came here in the recommendation of a worker at Yellowstone. The museum itself is beautiful, nestled into the hills outside Jackson. The art is stunning. Some feel almost like photographs. Highly recommended.

- Maureen S, Carlisle, PA

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