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Steve Kestrel

About Steve Kestrel

Steve Kestrel grew up in New Mexico, raising and training quarter horses. He resides with his wife, Cindi, on a 62-acre “wildlife preserve” in Colorado’s Redstone Canyon.

James Earl Fraser Sculpture Award- 2017 & Prix de West Purchase Award- 2013 National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum Purchase Award
Gold Medal for Sculpture ,‘The West Select’- 2011, 2012 & 2013 Phoenix Art Museum
Artists Choice Award- 2017, Featured Artist- 2011, ‘Best of Show’- 2005 & 2008 - Coors Western Art Exhibit & Sale
Purchase Award,‘ Night of Artists Show’- 2013 Briscoe Art Museum
People’s Choice Award-2007 & Red Smith Award-2008- National Museum of Wildlife Art

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Artist Statement

This piece came about after I was going through an old box of photos that I had taken 30 years ago of two young doves in our backyard. They were so trusting and stayed for about 10 minutes while we quietly watched them at a short distance. They each in turn stretched their wings & fanned their tails, allowing me to take numerous photos of their graceful interactions. In this sculpture I wanted to convey their calmness & elegant beauty while using the grass as a subtle design element which flows beneath, tying them together compositionally in a hopefully interesting way.

Of course the title is a play on words, they being mourning doves. I’ve admired this species since I was a kid growing up in southern New Mexico, where they would settle around our horse corrals to pick up the extra grain left behind. I also admire that they are generally monogamous with both parents incubating & caring for the young; and last, they are symbols of peace the world over.

Past Artwork

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What People Are Saying

We were told that this was great and we were not disappointed. Wonderful fine wild life art from all over the world. Many great artists.

- HowardLaw, Madison, WI

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